Gianna Francesca. 21 year old Taurus from NJ. I do research in organic chemistry, I work at GameStop, and my life is a Hayao Miyazaki movie.

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The Foxing- The Medic (x)

im tired, im really sick of being yelled at in the research lab for stupid small things, im tired of not doing anything right and being the butt of all the jokes. i dont want to move, i dont want summer to end, im worried im going to be a big fat underdog in pharmacy school and im just very tired



a restaurant in my hometown got a review that said the servers should “show some skin” so the owner added a potato skin special to the menu and all the proceeds from the special go to the west virginia foundation for rape information services (x)

That’s exactly the appropriate response.

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Yes, poor little old you. There we were, discussing rape, violence against women, systemic oppression and other manifestations of sexism, and you had to jump in to remind us that “not all men” do these things. Why don’t you really say what you want to say? “I HAVE NEVER RAPED/HIT/ASSAULTED A WOMAN!” Right? Isn’t this what you really want to say? Yes, make a discussion that is about the plight of MILLIONS of women about poor little old you. I mean, millions of women are being assaulted and oppressed, but you’ve never done it, so why are we making you uncomfortable with these discussions?
Brenda Wambui breaking down the ridiculous “Not all men!” phrase over at Medium (via tiredestprincess)

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She’s too fucking beautiful.


by Klaus Bulgrin

I’m gonna eat this rock. The whole rock. Just eat it. 

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